Women4Change welcomes Muslim Alliance of Indiana

Women4Change is proud to welcome our partner the Muslim Alliance of Indiana

Rima Kahn-Shahid is the executive director of the Muslim Alliance of Indiana, and she serves on the Women4Change Indiana Inclusion +Civility task force.  

The task force mission is to fight all forms of racism and promote civility in political discourse so that all Hoosiers, regardless of gender identity, race, ethnicity or religion, feel respected and welcomed in our communities.

Muslim Alliance of Indiana mission and vision

MAI envisions a future in which thriving and integrated Hoosier Muslims serve their broader communities and the state, and in which they are considered as an indispensable component of Indiana’s political, economic, religious and social fabrics. It also works towards building a broad Hoosier Muslim community that is strong in its diversity, inclusive, and is capable of effective collective action to preserve its civil rights and liberties, along with those of other vulnerable groups.