Bill Watch and Legislative Priorities


Women4Change Indiana Legislative Priorities

Dignity + Safety

House Bill 1278 - Cervical Cancer Prevention – Rep. Sharon Negele (R-Attica)

Passed Committee 12-0, Passed House 100 – 0; Currently awaiting hearing in Senate

HB 1278 requires the state Department of Health to develop plans to identify and significantly reduce the morbidity and mortality from Cervical Cancer.  It also requires the department to better collaborate with the Family and Social Services Administration and certain cancer treatment facilities.  This bill is a good first step towards addressing the high rates of cervical cancer in Indiana.  


Senate Bill 166 – Vacating Convictions of Trafficked Persons – Sen. Jack Sandlin (R-Indianapolis)

Heard in Committee 1/31/16, Held for Vote on 2/7/16

SB 166 Provides that a child who was the victim of human trafficking and was determined to be a child when an act was performed while a victim of human trafficking is entitled to have any conviction vacated.   


Respect + Welcome

Senate Bill 439 – Bias Crimes – Sen. Sue Glick (R-LaGrange)

Scheduled for Hearing 2/7/16

SB 439 will create for the first time will create a criminal penalty for committing a bias, or hate, crime.  The bill will create a sentence aggravator that a judge and prosecutor can utilize to enhance a sentence when it is determined that a crime is committed because of bias.  The bill will also increase reporting requirements to ensure that bias related crime data is being properly reported to the FBI.  


Restructuring + Activism

House Bill 1014 – Redistricting Commission – Rep. Jerry Torr (R-Carmel) 

Not Currently Scheduled for Hearing

HB 1014 would create an independent redistricting commission to create, hold hearings on, take public comment about, and recommend plans to redraw general assembly and congressional districts.  It establishes rules and procedures to govern the commission and the Legislative Services Agency in the creation of redistricting plans.