The Women4Change Indiana leadership is organized into the following committees:


Committee Members: Co-Chairs: Martha Lamkin, Patricia Castañeda, Vice Chair: Stephanie Grabow,  Secretary: Christie Luther Hurst, Treasurer: Elcira Villarreal

Public policy & Issue Education

Committee Members: Andrea Richter, Christie Luther Hurst, Katherine Tyler Scott, Marya Jones, Co-Chairs: Stephanie Grabow, Sujata Barai Chugh


Committee Members: Martha Lamkin, Sandy Sasso, Becky Kendall, Chair: Jeannie Sager



Committee Members: Myra Selby, Chair: Tatiana Sims


Committee Members: Elcria Villareal, Patricia Castañeda, Jasmin Shaheed - Young, Barbara Wolanin, Debbie Cooper, Co-Chairs: Jennifer Nelson Williams, Sandy Sasso


Committee Members: Adrianne Slash, Ali Slocum, JoAnn Hoskins, Jennifer Atteberry

The only way to go up hill is to start to climb. Yes, it is difficult, but it is not impossible. Join an organization that represents your values. Join Women4Change Indiana. Make your voices heard. Call your representative. Write letters to the editor. Stay informed.
— Co-Founder Sandy Sasso