Calling all ADVOCATES!

Are you ready to prove to our lawmakers that Indiana is ready for change? Can you be available to show up at the Statehouse during the week for committee hearings and rallies? The 2019 legislative session runs from January through April. If you are free during the day on weekdays WE NEED YOU! 

Showing up at the Statehouse during the legislative session declares to our lawmakers that we mean business and will hold them accountable for their decision-making. Women4Change members packed committee hearings and took part in several rallies last year to help push for positive change. Phone calls and emails are very important, but being physically present at the place where decisions are made makes an influential statement. 

By signing up to be an ACTION ADVOCATE, you will receive emails with the latest details from the Statehouse regarding our signature causes. These emails will tell you where you need to be and when, with information such as committee hearing times or room changes, bill updates, and other pieces of legislative information that can change in an instant. Fill out our contact form by clicking here to become one of our 2019 ACTION ADVOCATES and let's start the new year off by taking action!

We are looking for interns!

Women4Change is searching for new interns for Spring 2019! We will be accepting applications immediately in the areas of communications, programming, and policy. College students, recent graduates, and those with a strong desire to create positive change in Indiana are all encouraged to apply! Please click on the links below for a detailed description of each role and submit all requested information to

Communications Intern

Programming Intern

Legislative Intern

Join us for Organization Day, November 20th!

Now that Election Day has passed, Women4Change is gearing up for a very important legislative session. Our organization remains committed to creating positive change by influencing public policy through advocacy. Next Tuesday, November 20th, is Organization Day at the Indiana Statehouse! Organization Day is the ceremonial start to the 2019 legislative session and is an opportunity for lawmakers to meet and begin discussing legislative business.

Hundreds of Women4Change members continuously showed up at the Statehouse last year and we need you now more than ever! Organization Day is the first opportunity to send a clear message to our lawmakers. There will be a rally for redistricting reform at 12:30 PM. Join us on the Capitol Ave. steps to show Indiana legislators your support for this important policy issue and let's continue to make change!

Donate to our postcard campaign!

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 7.44.44 PM.png

We had an amazing volunteer response to our Get Out the Vote postcard campaign! But with the midterm election just over a month away, we need your help! Please consider making a donation at the link below so we can continue sending handwritten messages to registered Hoosiers encouraging them to vote. Indiana House and Senate races have been decided by just over 1000 votes and we have already filled out postcards that will be sent to over 2000 voters.

Donate today to help us reach out to potential voters: $20 will send postcards to 25 households! #bethechange #countmein

Click this link to donate now:

Our Statement on the Brett Kavanaugh Allegations

In times like these, honoring the principles of integrity, respect, and due process is critical. When the US Senate signs off on the lifetime appointment of a Supreme Court Justice, the nation deserves assurance that all “T’s” are crossed and “I’s” dotted. In what has become an all too common occurrence, there have been continual attempts to assassinate the character of both the accuser and the accused. It is excruciating to watch yet another woman be publicly vilified for speaking out. Threats are being hurled at both individuals. All the while, publicly elected officials are contributing to the chaos by ignoring the need for an impartial investigation to determine facts. The Senate Judiciary Committee’s process for crucial background investigation should be followed now as new information continues to emerge. Because there are no second chances with a lifetime appointment, the Committee and the Senate must get this right. Women4Change believes that a full investigation of the allegations should be undertaken in order to secure the integrity of the judicial appointment process.

Sign our voter pledge and signature causes forms!

Are you ready to say, "Count me IN!"? Sign our voter pledge and commit to showing up at the polls (or vote early!) and cast your ballot in the upcoming midterm election on November 6th. Click here to sign the online form!

We are also very interested in knowing which of our signature causes are of highest concern for you and your family. Make sure you fill out our signature causes form and tell us what issues you are most passionate about.