Calling all ADVOCATES!

Are you ready to prove to our lawmakers that Indiana is ready for change? Can you be available to show up at the Statehouse during the week for committee hearings and rallies? The 2019 legislative session runs from January through April. If you are free during the day on weekdays WE NEED YOU! 

Showing up at the Statehouse during the legislative session declares to our lawmakers that we mean business and will hold them accountable for their decision-making. Women4Change members packed committee hearings and took part in several rallies last year to help push for positive change. Phone calls and emails are very important, but being physically present at the place where decisions are made makes an influential statement. 

By signing up to be an ACTION ADVOCATE, you will receive emails with the latest details from the Statehouse regarding our signature causes. These emails will tell you where you need to be and when, with information such as committee hearing times or room changes, bill updates, and other pieces of legislative information that can change in an instant. Fill out our contact form by clicking here to become one of our 2019 ACTION ADVOCATES and let's start the new year off by taking action!