January 25th: Here’s what happened this week at the Indiana Statehouse

As the third full week of the 2019 Indiana legislative session comes to a close, we want to let you know that Women4Change will be YOUR eyes and ears in the Statehouse. Over 1200 bills have now been filed and here’s what we were following this week:

  1. SB 132: Civics test as graduation requirement. Passed

  2. HB 1394: Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commission is scheduled for a second reading on Monday, 28 Jan 2019 in the House Chamber.

  3. HB 1007 : Perinatal Care had a third reading in the House. The vote was: Passed.

A big thank you to our members for continuing to show up at the Statehouse. We had Women4Change members present and sending a clear message that we need action now at:

A. HB 1217: the Elections and Apportionment meeting

If you can not attend a meeting at the Statehouse during the legislative session consider attending these town hall meetings:

  1. Senator JD Ford (D) with others, District 29, Indianapolis  

    1. Senator Ford is the author of SB86 and SB349, both of which are in favor of making voting an easier act for everyday Hoosiers.

      1. SB86 allows more people to be qualified for absentee voting. If you are able to vote in person, you could still vote absentee.

      2. SB349 would allow new applications for driver’s licenses, permits, or state IDs to automatically be for voter registration, unless an individual opts out.

    2. January 26th, 2019, 10AM at the Hamilton County Courthouse (1 Hamilton County Sq, Noblesville, IN)

  2. Senator Walker (R), District 41, Parts of Bartholomew and Johnson Counties

    1. Senator Walker is the author of SB105, which is focused on redistricting.

      1. SB105 proposes that new districts (100 for the House and 50 for the Senate) be drawn based on equal population.

    2. January 28th, 2019, 7:30-9:30 AM at Columbus City Hall
      (Cal Brand Meeting Room- First Floor
      123 Washington Street, Columbus IN)

  3. Senator Alting (R), District 22, Tippecanoe County

    1. Senator Alting is the author of SB12, SB192, which cover Bias Crimes and Nonconsensual Pornography.

      1. SB12 would make bias crimes an aggravating circumstance in court and would require these crimes to be reported to the FBI.

      2. SB192 makes it illegal distribute intimate photos of an individual without the person in the image’s consent.

    2. February 2nd, 2019, 7:30-9:30 AM at the Lafayette Courtyard by Marriott (150 Fairington Ave, Lafayette, IN)