A Follow-up to Our Conversation with Khizr Khan

A Note from Khizr Khan

Women4Change Indiana was honored to be one of the co-sponsors of Talking Through Unity and Civility: A Community Conversation with Khizr Khan. His speech touched the hearts of over 1,000 people. He taught us about grace and humility in the face of hate and rejection. We learned that civility can be a powerful way to speak out for the values of America. Mr. Kahn was pleased to learn of the work of Women4Change Indiana. He wrote us the following note:

I spoke at Yale Law of your exceptional leadership initiative ‘Women for Change’ and handed the beautiful ribbons to the deans of the law school. They all are touched by this amazing patriotic work.

Tomorrow night I will share the same [message] about your initiative in service of our nation with the local bar members to hearten them that such impactful work on civility continues in our country at such a tumultuous time—which gives us hope for our democratic, rule of law and equal dignity values.

Thank you for your leadership.
— Khizr Khan

Watch Now

Did you miss this event with Khizr Kahn? Now you can watch a Facebook recording from our partner, ACLU of Indiana.