SB 404: Parental Notification

Senate Bill 404, a dangerous and unconstitutional bill, has passed the Indiana Senate and now sits with the House for further consideration. Currently, the only way for an un-emancipated minor to obtain an abortion in Indiana is to obtain parental permission or get a court order by a judge (commonly called the “judicial bypass”). SB 404 would require parents to be notified and given the opportunity to participate in court, which effectively eliminates the confidential judicial bypass option.

While we all support and encourage parents’ and guardians’ involvement in the health and wellbeing of their teenagers, we all also know that there are very difficult or even dangerous situations for young women that prevent them from informing their parents of their pregnancy (such as rape or sexual assault by a family member or someone else known to their parents – after all, Indiana’s rate of high school girls who are raped is the second worst in the country). Situations like these are the very reason for the confidential judicial bypass option.

Opponents predict that this bill, if passed by the House and signed by Governor Holcomb, would face immediate challenge in the courts – wasting taxpayer time and money while endangering the well-being of young Hoosier women. We urge every Woman4Change Indiana member to call their Indiana Senator at 800-372-7181 to oppose SB 404.