HB 1128: "Reversal" Medication

House Bill 1128 unfortunately passed through the Indiana House and is now in the Senate. This bill is detrimental to women’s health and must be halted for three reasons: 

  1. It requires that a woman considering a medication abortion be given unproven “junk” scientific information about the possibility of reversing the effects of an abortion inducing drug. The suggestion that there is an approved medical protocol to “reverse” the process is false, as numerous health professionals testified at the HB1128 hearing.
  2. Also included in this bill are additional unnecessary restrictions on the licensing/policies/procedures of abortion facilities, which are meant to reduce access.
  3. Finally, the bill raises major privacy concerns by mandating that an abortion patient must submit private medical and personal information to the state, including the number of previous births and the date of her last menses.

The bill’s author, Rep. Bacon, has admitted in an interview that this bill is based on unproven science; rather, the true motivation is to continue to chip away at Roe v. Wade as long as it remains law, as explained by him. HB 1128 has now been assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee. We urge every Women4Change Indiana member to call their Indiana House Representative at 800-372-7281 to oppose HB 1128.