Messages from the March inspire action

Rachel Cross, co-founder of Women Getting Things Done, shares her how the Women's March on Washington speeches from Sandy Eisenberg Sasso and others inspired her to take action. 

Read Cross and co-founder Jackie Lakey's full blog post here

In her post, Cross encourages everyone to take action. She recommends following the Women's March on Washington call to action, 10 Actions/100 Days.

The first action is to write elected officials. If you don't know your elected officials, visit the Indiana General Assembly Find Your Legislator page to get your representatives' contact information.


Women Getting Things Done is a group of women from the greater Indianapolis community with a shared vision and desire to get involved. We welcome all who wish to help others and find a deeper connection to our city. Our vision is to get things done by giving voice and support to organizations in the greater Indianapolis area through service projects and volunteerism.