A powerful message from our friend Martha Hoover

From our friend Martha Hoover, owner of Cafe Patachou, as she shared on her Instagram account

"I am the grand child of immigrants and believe strongly that diversity strengthens all communities whether the community be my company, our city, our state or our country. 

Speaking about America's collective history of being a nation of immigrants, President Obama stated "America was not weakened by the presence of these newcomers; they embraced this nation's creed, and it was strengthened... we must uphold laws against discrimination. 

But laws alone won't be enough. 

Hearts must change.

"It is in that spirit, and in the memory of my grandparents – all four of whom overcame remarkable barriers of discrimination, poverty and religious persecution to create better lives for their families in America – that my company, Cafe Patachou, is making a significant donation to the Immigration Welcome Center of Indianapolis. 

The Center helps immigrants and refugees transition to life in our city by providing needed services,including legal services. 

For additional information about them go to www.immigrationwelcomecenter.org#nonormalizinghate"