Women4Change Discouraged by the US Supreme Court Ruling on Gerrymandering


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Alysa Villelli

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June 27, 2019

Women4Change discouraged by the US Supreme Court ruling on gerrymandering and vows to continue fight to protect democracy

Indianapolis—Women4Change (W4C) is discouraged by today’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling and continues to call for an end to the practice of partisan gerrymandering.

“This is a setback for our democracy," said W4C Executive Director Rima Shahid. "Even Chief Justice Roberts, who sided with the majority, wrote that 'gerrymandering is incompatible with democratic principles.' Now it is up to us, as Hoosiers, to take redistricting reform into our own hands. Call your state representatives, look at who is supporting the creation of fair districts, and, as always, make sure you vote!”

In a 5-4 decision, the justices ruled against the challenges to partisan gerrymandering cases in both North Carolina and Maryland. Without limits set by the court, this ruling allows legislators to draw districts to the distinct advantage of one political party.

Redistricting reform is an issue all Hoosiers should care about. Without fair districts, voters cannot be accurately represented when a political party’s agenda takes precedence over the wishes of the individual voters. An independent redistricting commission eliminates the ability for a political party to redraw maps to benefit itself. Women4Change, along with our partners at All IN for Democracy, remains committed to the work of redistricting reform that is critical to protecting democracy in Indiana and across our country.

About W4C

Founded in 2017, Women4Change is a nonpartisan, grassroots, collaborative organization whose mission is to equip and mobilize women to engage effectively in political and civic affairs. Members work to strengthen democracy and to advocate for the leadership, health, safety, and dignity of all women in Indiana.