Our Statement on the Brett Kavanaugh Allegations

In times like these, honoring the principles of integrity, respect, and due process is critical. When the US Senate signs off on the lifetime appointment of a Supreme Court Justice, the nation deserves assurance that all “T’s” are crossed and “I’s” dotted. In what has become an all too common occurrence, there have been continual attempts to assassinate the character of both the accuser and the accused. It is excruciating to watch yet another woman be publicly vilified for speaking out. Threats are being hurled at both individuals. All the while, publicly elected officials are contributing to the chaos by ignoring the need for an impartial investigation to determine facts. The Senate Judiciary Committee’s process for crucial background investigation should be followed now as new information continues to emerge. Because there are no second chances with a lifetime appointment, the Committee and the Senate must get this right. Women4Change believes that a full investigation of the allegations should be undertaken in order to secure the integrity of the judicial appointment process.