Voters Rights Legislation Action Steps




We are needing everyone to call, multiple times, just to the Election Committee members. Calls and letters are needed in order to get these voter rights bills to the 2nd reading. We only have until 1/15 to make this happen. Legislation involves:

  • Changing voter registration from the current 30 day out from an election, to a same day voter registration.
  • Removing the requirement to provide a reason when applying to vote as an absentee.
  • Enacting changes in the current County Election Board voting process in order to allow an approval of early voting sites to be added by a simple majority Election Board vote.
  • Allowing a vote by mail process which will mail every registered voter their ballot weeks before an election, reduce election costs, and provide voting security up and above out current election process.  Remember voting by mail is pure democracy; each vote is valued equally whether a voter’s mailbox is in a diverse neighborhood in the middle of Indianapolis or a sparsely populated farming community in Fulton County.

This is such a wonderful opportunity.   Even one call from each of us who value our democracy will make all the difference.