The Women4Change Action Fund has an easy way for you to contact your representatives using the OneClick Politics tool! Scan the issues below and click on the link to easily email or call legislators right now!

  • Hate Crimes Legislation: Click here to ask your state rep to support a comprehensive hate crimes law

  • Nonconsensual pornography: Click here to ask your senator to make nonconsensual pornography illegal in Indiana


Are you eager to prove to our lawmakers that Indiana is ready for change? Are you available to show up at the Statehouse or volunteer during the week for committee hearings, rallies, and other “action” activities? The 2019 legislative session is underway and if you are available during the day on weekdays then WE NEED YOU!

By signing up to be an ACTION ADVOCATE you will receive emails that will tell you how you can help advance our signature causes. These emails will include information such as committee hearing times, bill information, and specific engagement opportunities. Fill out the contact form by clicking the button below or email Elisabeth Huls at to become one of our 2019 ACTION ADVOCATES!