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Voter Registration Deadline

Only 38% of registered Indiana voters went to the polls in the 2016 primary. We can do better. We NEED to do better. Casting your vote is the first step toward capturing the attention of our lawmakers. Improved voter turnout shows that we are engaged and determined to use our voice.

You can work to make CHANGE happen now! The first step is being sure you are registered to vote in the 2018 mid-term primary on May 8th. Voter registration ends Monday, April 9th. Visit this link to register today:

Attend our Facebook event to be a part of our Hey Indiana, Vote for a Change! Campaign that aims to get Hoosiers out and vote. Receive voting and registration date reminders, tips on how to encourage your friends and family to vote, as well as ways to display your pride as an Indiana voter!

The outcomes of the 2018 elections are significant for our state and we need Hoosiers to actually #vote4achange!