Indiana Vote By Mail Seminar

  • White River Library 1664 Library Boulevard Greenwood, IN, 46142 United States

Please join the Restructuring + Activism Task Force “Vote By Mail Initiative” with convener, Bonnie Horlander, to discuss how we can give everyone an equal opportunity to vote!

The grassroots movement toward Vote By Mail (VBM) is catching on in Indiana! A bipartisan initiative, VBM can save Indiana taxpayers upwards of 14 million dollars, eliminates concerns of voter fraud, creates more informed voters, eliminates long voter lines, and provides the convenience that encourages a notable increase in voter participation. And with Vote by Mail everyone has a choice, vote from home or vote at a polling site.

VBM removes barriers created by disability, job conflicts, inclement weather, constraints of aging, and access to polling places. Indiana was last among the states for voter turnout at 26.7%, compared to 54% in Colorado, a VBM state. VBM can provide a better opportunity for all eligible Hoosiers to participate in the voting process and have their voices heard.