Women4Change is a member of the following coalitions:

ALL IN for Democracy

Hoosiers deserve to be listened to by their elected officials. Instead we have politicians who listen only to their supporters. All IN for Democracy is a diverse group of Hoosiers calling for redistricting reform to benefit all of Indiana.

Indiana Forward 

Indiana Forward is advocating for the 2019 Indiana General Assembly to pass a clear, specific and inclusive hate crimes law that allows judges to enhance criminal sentences when the crime was motivated by bias toward a victim’s characteristics that include: race; ethnicity; religion; national origin; sex; disability; gender identity; and sexual orientation.

Equality pay$

Hoosier women deserve equal pay. This coalition is trying to address women's pay disparity in Indiana through legislation. 

The only way to go up hill is to start to climb. Yes, it is difficult, but it is not impossible. Join an organization that represents your values. Join Women4Change Indiana. Make your voices heard. Call your representative. Write letters to the editor. Stay informed.
— Co-Founder Sandy Sasso